Nestor Martin Woodbox® Technology offers the combined pleasure of a simple operation plus an exceptional energy efficiency. A roaring blaze or dancing flames: the decision is yours and the result is immediate. Stoves featuring Woodbox® Technology give you the unique advantage of a remote control, allowing you to slow down or intensify the combustion process by simply pressing a button. The thermostat featured in the remote control allows you to select the desired temperature, and the appliance will automatically self-regulate.

Woodbox also offers exceptional technological advantages.

  • Integrated system combining primary combustion and secondary combustion.
  • High efficiency and low emissions, meeting international standards.
  • Precise control of the stove's burning rate.
  • Start-up air to ease ignition.
  • Airtight heating body made of cast iron and steel.
  • Optional remote control.
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The entire range of Nestor Martin stoves is designed to allow a choice of different fuels: wood, brown coal briquettes or coal. Nestor Martin stoves are able to deliver an optimum burn for all these fuels, bringing absolute warmth and comfort into your home.

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Long burn times.

The precision of the air supply controls and the airtight firebox allow for up to 10 hours burn times with a load of wood. The stove can be operated through the night, with total safety and without dirtying the glass.

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Double wall combustion chamber

Nestor Martin Woodbox® steel combustion chambers are lined with cast iron panels, ensuring durability and efficiency. Preheated combustion air feeds the re progressively, guaranteeing optimum efficiency ratings.

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Shaker grate..

To avoid ash build-up in the combustion chamber, Nestor Martin stoves are equipped with a shaker grate, which can be operated even when the appliance is burning. Simply shake the grate to drop the ash in the large ash pan below, which can then be removed and emptied.

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Precise air regulation.

Despite the advanced technology of the Woodbox® combustion system, Nestor Martin stoves are easy to use. A knob allows you to adjust the air volume injected into the combustion chamber. Another command allows you to select the direction of the air flow that is most suited to the type of fuel used.

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External Air Inlet.

To guarantee their optimum performance under all circum - stances, Nestor Martin stoves are designed to be connected to an external air intake. This solution is suitable for both well insulated and passive homes.

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Refractory glass.

The IR refractory glass contributes to the ignition of lingering dust particles that would otherwise stain the glass. A layer of stannic oxide on the glass surface maintains a higher temperature inside the firebox, ensuring a more complete combustion. The glass is sealed on both sides of the glass to avoid the risk of non-desired air intake.

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Wood/Multi-fuel Nestor Martin stoves are certified to meet the most international regulations regarding combustion products: CE, DIN, DIN Plus, Flamme Verte (France), EPA (USA), NS (Norway) and NZS (New Zealand).





The complete combustion of Nestor Martin stoves can reduce polluting emissions to extremely low levels.

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